Santa Cruz Butterfly House

Santa Cruz, California

"...the Sydney Butterfly House at 35° South of the equator inspired its sister across the Pacific Ocean at 35° north of the equator in Santa Cruz California..."

The project in Santa Cruz California was commissioned by an American client following a visit to Sydney and his “discovery” of the Butterfly House. The Striking curved forms of the Sydney Butterfly House were considered an ideal response to the oceanfront of West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, which enjoys panoramic views across Monterey bay.


As with the Sydney House, a garage and home theatre below ground forms a split level basement for the two-storey structure above. The structure is split into two wings with the east facing wing accommodating bedrooms and the west facing wing the two level living areas.


A free form curved swimming pool is provided beyond the ground level dining area and enjoys panoramic views from north to south. The view from inside the house are maximised by the use of a double glazed floor to ceiling skin. A roof top terrace provides panoramic views.


Natural ventilation as well as a photovoltaic array and solar heated hydronic slabs achieve low energy sustainability.