Dee Why Gateway

Dee Why Sydney 1993

Dee Why Gateway

“...the adaptive re-use of a 1949 Sulman awarded heritage building proved that change is possible, if not desirable and can guarantee a building’s relevance into the future…”


The adaptive re-use of a 1949 Sulman awarded building in Dee Why resulted in the construction of 8,000 sq. m of commercial space sub-dividable into a range of differing tenancies and configurations. The National Trust, Heritage Council and Local Council were involved in a sensitive approval process which involved a thorough analysis of the existing fabric, partial retention, adaptive re-use as well as removal and addition of new building elements. The original clock tower and bay window were retained and refurbished as heritage listed elements of the building, whilst a new 120 car parking basement and the commercial space is completely new. Long span (30 metre wide) roof frames were adapted to provide flexible two level, high bay retail/commercial tenancies. Coles Myer's Officeworks occupy the largest single tenancy while a fitness centre and bulky goods retail outlets occupy smaller leased spaces..

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